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The Knee Society Lifetime Achievement Awards

Recipients have made substantial contributions to the orthopaedic knee replacement literature and the development of predictable, reliable instrumentation for total knee arthroplasty.

2015 Recipient - Richard D. Scott, MD
2012 Recipient - John N. Insall, MD
2011 Recipient - Chitranjan S. Ranawat, MD
2010 Recipients - David S. Hungerford, MD and Kenneth A. Krackow, MD


History of The Knee Society Specialty Day Awards

In October 1993, the Knee Society Board of Directors established an award program to recognize meritorious presentations at the annual Specialty Day meetings. In 1995, the Board designated three awards to be presented annually, in honor of Knee Society members Mark Coventry (for the best Basic Science Paper), Chitranjan Ranawat (for the best work on a Surgical Technique) and John Insall (for the best work on a Clinical Subject or Outcomes Report).

2016 Specialty Day Meeting – Orlando, Florida

The John N. Insall, MD, Award Paper
Do Injections Increase the Risk of Infection Following TKA?
Presenter: Nicholas A. Bedard, MD
Co-Authors: Andrew J. Pugely, MD; Jacob M. Elkins, MD, PhD; Kyle R. Duchman, MD; Robert W. Westermann, MD; Steve S. Liu, MD; Yubo Gao, PhD; John J. Callaghan, MD

The Chitranjan S. Ranawat, MD, Award Paper
No Difference in Two-Year Functional Outcomes Using
Kinematic Versus Mechanical Alignment in TKA

Presenter: Simon W. Young, FRACS
Co-Authors: Matthew L. Walker, FRACS; Ali Bayan, FRACS;
Toby Briant-Evans, FRCS; Paul Pavlou, FRCS;
Bill Farrington, FRCS, FRACS

The Mark Coventry, MD, Award Paper
Oral Antibiotics Reduce Reinfection Following 2-Stage Exchange:
A Multi-Center, Randomized Controlled Trial

Presenter: Craig J. Della Valle, MD
Co-Authors: Jonathan M. Frank, MD; Erdan Kayupov, MSE;
Mario Moric, MA; John Segreti, MD; Erik Hansen, MD;
Curtis Hartman, MD; Kamil Okroj

2015 Specialty Day Meeting - Las Vegas, Nevada

The John N. Insall, MD, Award Paper
No Functional Benefit After UKA Performed with PSI: Results of a Prospective Controlled Randomized Study Based on Gait Analysis and Patient Rated Outcomes
Presenter: Sébastien Parratte, MD, PhD
Co-Authors: Jean Noël Argenson, MD; Alexandre Lunebourg, MD; and Elke Viehweger, MD, PhD

The Chitranjan S. Ranawat, MD, Award Paper
Running Subcuticular Closure Enables the Most Robust Perfusion Following TKA: A Randomized Clinical Trial with LA-ICGA
Presenter: Cody C. Wyles, BS
Co-Authors: Steven R. Jacobson, MD; Matthew T. Houdek, MD; Dirk R. Larson, MS; Michael J. Taunton, MD; Franklin H. Sim, MD; Rafael J. Sierra, MD; and Robert T. Trousdale, MD

The Mark Coventry, MD, Award Paper
Custom Cutting Guides Do Not Improve Total Knee Arthroplasty Clinical Outcomes at 2 Years Followup
Presenter: Denis Nam, MD
Co-Authors: Andrew Park, MD; Jeffrey B. Stambough, MD; Staci R. Johnson, Med; Ryan M. Nunley, MD; and Robert L. Barrack, MD

2014 Specialty Day Meeting - New Orleans, Louisiana

John Insall Award Paper
Morbid Obesity Alone Affects TKA Complications, Mortality and Resource Utilization: A Matched-Control Study
Presenter: James A. Browne, MD
Co-Authors: Michele R. D’Apuzzo, MD and Wendy M. Novicoff, PhD

Chitranjan Ranawat Award Paper
Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Femoral & Sciatic Blocks to Periarticular Injection for Pain Management after TKA
Presenter: Mark J. Spangehl, MD
Co-Authors: Henry D. Clarke, MD; Joseph G. Hentz; Lopa Misra, MD; Joshua L. Blocher, PA-C and David P. Seamans, MD

Mark Coventry Award Paper
At 5 Years Trabecular Metal Tibias Were Durable and Reliable in Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Presenter: Luis Pulido, MD
Co-Authors: Matthew P. Abdel, MD; David G. Lewallen, MD; Michael J. Stuart, MD; Joaquin Sanchez-Sotelo, MD, PhD; Arlen D. Hanssen, MD and Mark W. Pagnano, MD

2013 Specialty Day Meeting - Chicago, Illinois

John Insall Award Paper
A Minimum 10-year Outcome Study of Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation
Presenter: Thomas Minas, MD, MS
Co-Authors: Arvind Gabriel Von Keudell, MD, Tim Bryant, RN, and Andreas H. Gomoll, MD

Chitranjan Ranawat Award Paper
Should Prophylactic Antibiotics be Withheld Prior to Revision Surgery to Obtain Appropriate Cultures?
Presenter: Craig J. Della Valle, MD
Co-Authors: Matthew W. Tetreault, BA, Nathan G. Wetters, MD, Vinay Aggarwal, BS, Michael A. Mont, MD, and Javad Parvizi, MD

Mark Coventry Award Paper
Higher Concentrations of Vancomycin with Low-Dose Intraosseous Regional Prophylaxis in TKA - A Randomized Trial
Presenter: Simon W. Young, FRACS
Co-Authors: Mei Zhang, PhD, Joshua T. Freeman, FRCPA, John Mutu-Grigg, FRACS, Paul Pavlou, FRCS, and Grant A. Moore, BSc(Hons)

2012 Specialty Day Meeting - San Francisco, California

Mark Coventry Award Paper
A Retrieval Analysis of High Flexion Versus Posterior Stabilized Tibial Inserts
Presenter: Douglas D. R. Naudie, MD, FRCSC
Co-Authors: Nicholas R. Paterson, BScH, Matthew G. Teeter, BScH, Steven J. MacDonald, MD, FRCSC, and Richard W. McCalden MD, MPhil(Edin), FRCSC

Chitranjan Ranawat Award Paper
Efficacy of Postoperative Intraarticular Analgesia Following Total Knee Arthroplasty:
A Randomized, Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled, Prospective Study
Presenter: Nitin Goyal, MD
Co-Authors: James McKenzie, BS, Peter F. Sharkey, MD, Javad Parvizi, MD, William J. Hozack, MD, and Matthew S. Austin, MD

John Insall Award Paper
A Randomized Controlled Trial of Minimally Invasive TKR: Comprehensive Gait and Strength Testing Outcomes.
Presenter: Mark W. Pagnano, MD
Co-Authors: Julien Wegrzyn, MD, PhD, Sebastien Parratte, MD, PhD, Krista Coleman-Wood, PhD, PT, and Kenton R. Kaufman, PhD, PE

2011 Specialty Day Meeting - San Diego, California

Mark Coventry Award Paper
CRP in joints: A Molecular Marker for Periprosthetic Joint Infection?
Presenter: Javad Parvizi, MD, FRCS
Co-Authors: William J. Hozack, MD, Christina Jacovides, BS, and Bahar Adeli, BA

Chitranjan Ranawat Award Paper
Is neutral mechanical alignment normal for all patients? The concept of constitutional varus.
Presenter: Johan Bellemans, MD, PhD
Co-Authors: William Colyn, MD, Hilde Vandenneucker, MD, and Jan Victor, MD, PhD

John Insall Award Paper
A Randomized Trial of Fixed versus Mobile Bearing Posterior Stabilized Total Knee Prosthesis
Presenter: Ormonde M. Mahoney, MD
Co-Authors: Tracy L. Kinsey, MSPH, Theresa J. D’Errico, BS, and Jianhua Shen, MS

2010 Specialty Day Meeting - New Orleans, Louisiana

Mark Coventry Award Paper
Diagnosis of Early Post-Operative Infection following Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty: The Utility of Synovial Fluid Cell Count and Differential
Presenter: Craig J. Della Valle, MD
Co-Authors: Hany S. Bedair, MD, Nicholas Ting, BA, Christina Jacovides, BA, Arjun Saxena, MD, Mario Moric, MS, and Javad Parvizi, MD

Chitranjan Ranawat Award Paper
Fate of Two-Stage Reimplantation after Failed Irrigation and Debridement for Periprosthetic Knee Infection
Presenter: Thomas K. Fehring, MD
Co-Authors: J. Christopher Sherrell, MD, Bryan D. Springer, MD, Erik N. Hansen, MD, Kevin J. Bozic, M.D., MBA, Craig J. Della Valle, MD, Javad Parvizi, MD, Terence J. Gioe, MD, Benjamin Zmistowski, BS, Susan M. Odum, MEd, and Anne Dennos, BS

John Insall Award Paper
Control-Matched Evaluation of Patellar Crepitus after Total Knee Arthroplasty
Presenter: Douglas A. Dennis, MD
Co-Authors: Raymond H. Kim, MD, Derek R. Johnson, MD, Bryan D. Springer, MD, Thomas K. Fehring, MD, and Adrija Sharma, PhD

2009 Specialty Day Meeting- Las Vegas, Nevada

Chitranjan Ranawat Award Paper
Nonoperated Knee Status is the Primary Predictor of Function 3 years after Unilateral Total Knee Arthroplasty
Presenter: Sara Farquhar, PhD
Co-Author: Lynn Snyder-Mackler, PT, ScD, FAPTA

John Insall Award Paper
Both morphotype and gender influence the shape of the knee in TKA patients
Presenter: Johan Bellemans, MD, PhD
Co-Authors:  Karel Carpentier, MD, Hilde Vandenneucker, MD, Johan Vanlauwe, MD, and Jan Victor, MD

Mark Coventry Award Paper
In Vivo Knee Kinematics and FEA Simulation of Guided Motion Total Knee Arthroplasty
Presenter: Bernardo Innocenti, PhD
Co-Authors:  Catani Fabio, MD, Claudio Belvedere, Luc Labey, PhD, Andrea Ensini, MD and Alberto Leardini, MD

2008 Specialty Day Meeting- San Francisco, California

Chitranjan Ranawat Award Paper
Functional Outcome after Total Knee Replacement Varies with Patient Attributes
Presenter: David Ayers, MD
Co-Author: Patricia Franklin, MD                                                                               

John Insall Award Paper
Gender Specific TKR Outcomes: An Analysis Using Prospectively Collected Clinical Patient Data
Presenter: Steven MacDonald, MD
Co-Authors:  Kory Charron, Richard McCalden, MD; Robert Bourne, MD; Cecil Rorabeck, MD; Douglas Naudie, MD

Mark Coventry Award Paper
In Vivo Knee Forces during Recreation and Exercise after Knee Arthroplasty
Presenter: Clifford Colwell, MD
Co-Authors:  Shantanu Patil, MD; Nikolai Steklov, BS; Peter Chen, PhD; Darryl D'Lima, MD

2007 Specialty Day Meeting-San Diego, California

John Insall Award Paper
Pain and Depression Influence Outcome Five Years After Knee Replacement Surgery

Victoria Brander, MD, Emily Martin, MS, Steven Gondek, MS, S. David Stulberg, MD
Mark Coventry Award Paper
Polyethylene Sterilization and Wear-Related Failures with PFC Total Knees

William L. Griffin, MD, Thomas K. Fehring, MD, Donald L. Pomeroy, MD, Thomas A. Gruen, MS, Jeffrey A. Murphy, MS

Chitranjan Ranawat Award Paper
Comparison of Intramedullary Nailing and External Fixation Knee Arthrodesis for the Infected Knee Replacement

Tad M. Mabry, MD, David Jacofsky, MD, George Haidukewych, MD, Arlen D. Hanssen, MD

2006 Specialty Day Meeting-Chicago, IL

John Insall Award
Factors Affecting Patient Satisfaction with Total Knee Arthroplasty

Philip C. Noble, PhD, Michael A. Conditt, PhD, Karon Cook, PhD, Kenneth B. Mathis, MD

Mark Coventry Award
Venous Thromboembolic Disease after Total Knee Arthroplasty: Prevention of Readmission by Extended Prophylaxis

Vincent D. Pellegrini, Jr., MD, Christopher T. Donaldson, MD, Daniel C. Farber, MD, Erik B. Lehman, MS, C. McCollister Everts, MD

Chitranjan Ranawat Award
Long Term Survivorship and Failure Modes of 1000 Cemented Condylar Total Knee Arthroplasties

Michael B. Vessely, MD, Andrew L. Whaley, MD, W. Scott Harmsen, MS, Cathy D. Schleck, BS, Daniel J. Berry, MD

2005 Specialty Day Meeting-Washington, DC

John Insall Award
Unicompartmental Knee Replacement: A Minimum Twenty-One Year Follow-up, End Result Study

Michael R. O'Rourke, MD, Jeremy J. Gardner, BA, John J. Callaghan, MD, Steve S. Liu, MD, Devon D. Goetz, MD, Richard C. Johnston, MD, Patrick M. Sullivan, MD, David A. Vittetoe, MD

Mark Coventry Award
WBC Gene Expression: A Novel Approach Toward the Study and Diagnosis of Infection

Carl Deirmengian, MD, Jess H. Lonner, MD, Robert E. Booth Jr, MD

Chitranjan Ranawat Award
In Vivo Knee Forces After Total Knee Arthroplasty

Darryl D. D'Lima, MD, Shantanu Patil, MD, Nikolai Steklov, BS, John E. Slamin, Clifford W. Colwell Jr, MD

2004 Specialty Day-San Francisco, California

Premature Wear and Osteolysis in PFC Modular Total Knees: The Impact of Manufacturing Techniques

Thomas Fehring, MD, Charlotte, NC, David Hayes, MD, Donald Roberts, MD, Donald L Pomeroy, MD, William L Griffin, MD

JOHN INSALL AWARD Patellar Resurfacing vs. Non-resurfacing in TKA: A RCT at 10 years

R. Stephen Burnett, MD, FRCSC, St. Louis, MO, Christopher Haydon, BSc, Cecil Rorabeck, MD, FRCSC, Robert Bourne, MD, FRCSC

Tibial Component Failure Mechanisms in Total Knee Replacement

Michael Berend, MD, Mooresville, IN, Merrill Ritter, MD, E. Michael Keating, MD, John Meding, MD, Philip Faris, MD

CHITRANJAN RANAWAT AWARD Long-Term Follow-up of Two-Stage Reimplantation for Infected Total Knee Arthroplasty

Abdul Haleem, MD, Rochester, MN, Daniel Berry, MD, Arlen Hanssen, MD

2003 Specialty Day-New Orleans, Louisiana

Coventry Award
Author: Douglas A. Dennis, MD
Title: In Vivo Determination of Knee Kinematics: A Multicenter Analysis of Total Knee Arthroplasty

Ranawat Award
Author: Victoria A. Brander, MD
Title: Predicting Those at Risk for Greater Total Knee Replacement Pain: A Prospective, Observational Study

Insall Award
Author: M. Wade Shrader, MD
Title: Primary Total Knee Arthoplasty in Patients with Lymphedema

2002 Specialty Day-Dallas, Texas

Coventry Award
Author: Joshua J. Jacobs, MD
Title: Backsided Tibial Polyethylene Wear and Osteolysis in Modular Tibial Components

Ranawat Award Author: Takeshi Kanamiya, MD
Title: The Effect of Selective Lateral Ligament Release on Knee Joint Stability in TKA

Insall Award
Author: Peter F. Sharkey, MD
Title: Why are Knee Replacements Failing Today?

2001 Specialty Day-San Francisco, California

Coventry Award
Author: Jason K. Otto, MS
Title: Multiple Surface Contact Stress and Motion Patterns in Mobile Bearing
TKA: Experimental and Finite Element Characterizations

Ranawat Award
Author: Richard Berger, MD
Title: A Rationale for Using the Epicondylar Axis as the Reference for Femoral Component Rotation in TKA

Insall Award
Author: Geert Peersman, MD
Title: Infection in TKR: A Retrospective Review of 6489 Total Knees

2000 Specialty Day-Orlando, Florida

Coventry Award
Author: Robert E. Booth, Jr., MD
Title: The Patellar Nose-An Anatomic Guide for Patellar Resurfacing

Ranawat Award
Author: Thomas K. Fehring, MD
Title: A Comparison of Articulating vs. Static Spacers in TKA for Sepsis

Insall Award
Author: Peter Thadani, MD
Title: Ten- to Twelve-Year Follow-Up of the Insall Burstein I Posterior Stabilized Total Knee Prosthesis: Wear in Molded Polyethylene and Nonmodular Components

1999 Specialty Day-Anaheim, California

Coventry Award
Author: Jennifer R. Bohl, BA
Title: The Influence of Shelf-Storage Duration on Clinical Performance of UHMWPE Tibila Components Following Gamma Sterilization in Air

Ranawat Award
Author: Christopher W. Olcott, MD
Title: A Comparison of Four Intra-Operative Methods to Determine Femoral Component Rotation During TKA

Insall Award
Author: Douglas Naudie, MD
Title: Survivorship of the High Tibial Valgus Osteotomy: A Minimum Ten-Year Follow-Up Study

1998 Specialty Day-New Orleans, Louisiana

Coventry Award
Author: Nancy Parks, MS
Title: Modular Tibial Insert Micromotion: A Concern with Contemporary Knee Implants

Ranawat Award
Author: Robert L. Barrack, MD
Title: Comparison of Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy and Quadriceps Turndown in Revision TKA

Insall Award
Author: Gary Waslewski, MD
Title: Early, Incapacitating Instability of PCL Retaining TKA

1997 Specialty Day-San Francisco, California

Coventry Award
Author: Robert L. Barrack, MD
Title: The Value of Preoperative Aspiration Prior to Total Knee Revision

Ranawat Award
Author: Gerard A. Engh, MD
Title: The Histology of Nine Large Structural Bone Grafts Used in TKA

Insall Award
Author: Richard S. Laskin, MD
Title: TKR with PCL Retention in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

1996 Specialty Day-Atlanta, Georgia

Coventry Award
Author: Robert E. Booth, Jr., MD
Title: Molecular Genetic Diagnosis of Infected Total Joint Arthroplasty: A Basic Science and Prospective Clinical Investigation

Ranawat Award
Author: Donald G. Eckhoff, MD
Title: Morphology of the Distal Femur and Femoral Component Rotation

Insall Award
Author: Richard S. Laskin, MD
Title: Long-Term Results of TKR with PCL Retention in Patients with a Preoperative Fixed Varus Deformity

1995 Specialty Day-Orlando, Florida

Author: Clifford Colwell, Jr., MD
Title: A Clinical Trial Comparing the Efficacy and Safety of Enoxaparin in Low Molecular Weight Heparin and Unfractionated Heparin for the Prevention of DVT After Elective Knee Replacement Therapy

Author: Donald G. Eckhoff, MD
Title: Malrotation Associated with Implant Alignment Technique in TKA

Author: Leo A. Whiteside, MD
Title: Total Knee Arthroplasty

1994 Specialty Day-New Orleans, Louisiana

Author: Timothy M. Wright, PhD
Title: Degradation in Polyethylene Total Knee Components as a Result of Sterilization, Shelf Storage and In-Vivo Use

Author: Peter S. Walker, PhD
Title: Are Total Knees Overconstrained?

Author: Robert E. Booth, Jr., MD
Title: Computerized Bio-Sensor Analysis of TKA


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