Insall Traveling Fellowship

Application is now open for the 2024 John N. Insall Traveling Fellowship.  Please use the link below to apply.

John N. Insall’s legendary contributions to knee surgery were based on an academic pursuit of excellence in clinical research and patient care. His research endeavors encompassed biomechanics, surgical techniques and vigilant post-operative clinical follow-up. Inherent in his life’s work was the importance of educating knee surgeons worldwide. In recognition of his contributions and a desire to perpetuate his legacy, The Knee Society, with the support of the Insall Foundation, has endorsed the Insall Traveling Fellowship. Since 2002, groups of four international surgeons have traveled annually around North America for one month visiting Knee Society members' programs. This fellowship continues to foster education and research, with a sharing of ideas, techniques and camaraderie between the traveling fellows and The Knee Society members.
The 2022 Insall Traveling Fellows group visiting Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.
The Knee Society endorses the program, but does not provide administrative oversight.  For any questions regarding the program, please contact Sarah Benavidez.

The annual deadline to apply for the Fellowship is October 1.  Travel takes place in the year following the application deadline.


We strongly recommend that you have the following pieces ready before you begin:

  • Your updated CV.
  • Your most recent headshot.
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • Personal statement.