The Knee Society, guided by its mission, vision, and core values of Research, Education, Collaboration, Leadership, and Innovation, is dedicated to advancing the care of patients with knee disorders. Through global leadership in education and research, the society aims to be a recognized leader in knee disorder education and research to improve patient care.


Advancing care of patients with knee disorders through global leadership in education and research.


To be the recognized worldwide leader in knee disorder education and research.


Research: Supporting the advancement of knee research.
Education: Empowering expertise through cutting-edge learning opportunities.
Collaboration: Fostering cooperation to accelerate transformative breakthroughs.
Leadership: Guiding knee surgery excellence and inspiring future leaders.
Innovation: Seeking novel solutions in knee disorder treatment and dissemination of knowledge.


The Knee Society has established a series of strategic goals that drive our mission forward. Grounded in our core values, these goals underscore our commitment to excellence in research and education, innovation, leadership, and collaboration with the field of knee surgery.


Foster impactful research through collaboration and open engagement among members.
  1. Elevate the quality of research and discussion during the closed Members Meetings to foster impactful research exchanges.
  2. Identify the most pressing questions for collaborative multi-center trials, leveraging collective expertise for impactful outcomes.
  3. Explore strategies to improve support for multi-center studies to facilitate the successful execution of vital research. 


To develop premier educational offerings that respond to learner demands, emphasizing surgical techniques, decision making, and innovation.
  1. Tailor educational offerings by identifying and addressing learner preferences to ensure maximum relevance.
  2. Utilize innovative platforms to effectively distribute educational content and increase accessibility.
  3. Engage members' expertise in curriculum development and delivery, enhancing the authenticity and quality of education.


Promote a collaborative and innovative culture that furthers organizational diversity and sustainability.
  1. Develop strategies to ensure long-term growth and relevance of membership, fostering diversity and engagement.
  2. Establish a financial framework to support current initiatives and drive innovation for the Society's future.
  3. Promote and integrate our core values of Research, Education, Collaboration, Leadership, and Innovation into all aspects of the Society.