Virtual Fellowship

About Virtual Fellowship

The Knee Society’s Virtual Fellowship was conceptualized by Fred D. Cushner, MD, further developed under the leadership of Michael E. Berend, MD, and later on Michael A. Mont, MD and Michael P. Bolognesi, MD, with content contributions by many members of The Knee Society.  Designed as a “living book”, The Knee Society’s Virtual Fellowship is a peer-reviewed high-quality compilation of video-based educational materials from some of the world’s leading knee arthroplasty specialists.  Virtual Fellowship provides viewers with a “how-to” approach to most common knee surgery-related questions, from examination through long-term outcomes.  Virtual Fellowship 1.0 has been retired.  Virtual Fellowship 2.0 is now available on the SHAK with FREE unlimited access!

Watch Dr. Mont's introduction to the Virtual Fellowship.  More Virtual Fellowship content is on the SHAK.